Let a Book Take You Away

Reading and traveling naturally go hand in hand. Before you depart on a vacation, you read up on the place you will visit—learning the history, determining what sights to see, researching the foods and culture, finding out how best to acclimate to local customs. You will likely also read to kill time while getting to and from your destination, be it by plane, train, bus, or automobile.

You might also be inspired to select a travel destination simply because you have read about it and it grabbed your attention in some way. The opposite is also true—you may very well be inspired by a place you’ve visited and want to read more. It’s always fun to encounter in a book a neighborhood or attraction with which you are familiar.

And even if you don’t have the time, money, or ability to travel to a faraway (or nearby) land, reading about a destination allows you to escape your present location, providing an armchair travel experience that can be almost as satisfying as the real thing.

Nancy Pearl’s latest in the Book Lust series, Book Lust To Go, can satisfy all of these reading/traveling scenarios: you can consult it before leaving to read up on your chosen destination; you can read it en route to pass the time and plot out future reading/traveling experiences; you will undoubtedly be inspired to travel as well as happily reflect on your trip afterward; and you will also find recommendations for those out-of-reach locales.

Certainly Eat, Pray, Love is the most timely and well-known example of a book that glorifies the destinations nearly as often as it devotes pages to the author’s internal reflection and exploration. And like most readers, the descriptions and delights of Italy, Mumbai, and Bali intrigued me. Perhaps a visit is somewhere in my future, but until then, I will relish in what I’ve experienced through the narrative.

Reading The Devil in the White City before visiting Chicago enhanced my understanding of how the city developed and some of the key players in making it the city it is today. Visiting the Chicago History Museum was an even more rounded experience with that extra knowledge. I’ve read countless novels and nonfiction set in New York at various points in history—The History of Love. Motherless Brooklyn. The Tenth Muse. The Best of Everything. My familiarity with the city is enhanced when I read these books and I can mentally reference what I’ve absorbed about the city every time I visit.

I’ve also found escape or insight into a faraway place that I may never see: A favorite novel of mine, The Shadow of the Wind, portrays a mysterious and romanticized postwar Barcelona. The Poisonwood Bible describes a tragic, conflict-filled African village in the 1960s. My Life in France provides a charming memoir that is just as much an ode to Paris. The Crimson Petal and the White offers a glimpse of Victorian London.

Nancy Pearl recommends more than a thousand titles that provide compelling, revealing, invigorating, and sometimes distressing senses of place. She covers the globe with selections for everywhere from Afghanistan to Canada, Corsica to Holland, Hong Kong to Miami, New Guinea to Scotland, and Siberia to Zimbabwe. Book Lust To Go will satiate even the most ravenous traveler (actual or armchair!).

Read a book, book a trip, and expand your world through literature. Where do you want to escape to next?